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America Square Conference Centre
Leading Safeguarding 2024 - London
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What to expect

Future proof your safeguarding practice and strengthen your leadership to deepen your impact.

Effectively monitor and improve your long-term safeguarding strategy.

  • Future proof your systems and reduce staff turnover.
  • Bolster confidence in your safeguarding leadership.
  • Explore a serious case review and take away key learnings.
  • Manage your large caseload with a more efficient process.
Key topics
  • Wellbeing and safeguarding
  • Effective supervision
  • Safeguarding allegation management
  • Career planning and succession
  • Parental engagement
‘Excellent. Hugely informative and useful.’
Assistant Headteacher and DSL
St. Augustines Priory
Why attend?

Explore the links between wellbeing and safeguarding, and ensure both student and your personal wellbeing are taken care of.


Create an effective strategy that engages parents and careers in safeguarding so it doesn’t stop when school ends.


Ensure that you and your team are confident in your reporting and evidencing of concerns, saving time when inspection occurs. 

Who is this conference for?

Selected job roles from last year's event:

  • DSL
  • DDSL
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer
  • Deputy Headteacher
  • Assistant Headteacher/Principal
  • Pastoral Leads
  • Trust Safeguarding Lead
'Gave me confidence that I'm doing the right thing, but also lots of ideas, strategies and reflection points to continue to improve.'
Assistant Headteacher, Senior DSL
Higham Lane School


Registration, refreshments and networking
Chair's introduction and welcome
Dai Durbridge
Explore the overlap between wellbeing and safeguarding
Oliver Welsby
Consider different strategies and approaches you might have to employ to support the mental health and wellbeing of a student when managing a safeguarding concern.
Make your safeguarding review a collaborative process
Dai Durbridge
Ensure psychological safety in your setting by creating a culture in which staff are confident, supported and honest without fear of reprisal.
Q & A
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Workshop choices
1A Review processes: putting theory into action
Develop a successful collaborative review process in your setting with lessons highlighted by a real working case study.
1B Effective supervision
Nicola Law
Support your team to reflect critically on the impact of their decisions, upskilling them and providing long-term benefits for your setting.
1C Safeguarding allegation management against staff and conduct
Lirette Mill
Explore the KCSIE managing allegations framework, referrals, responsibilities and differing thresholds in safeguarding and disciplinary processes.
Lunch, networking and exhibition
Learning from child practice reviews
Jahnine Davis
Refresh your knowledge and explore three key learning points from high profile practice reviews that impact practice in your setting.
Career planning and succession
Nicola Law
Create a recognised career pathway for safeguarding professionals in your setting.
Workshop choices
2A Keeping your policy in practice
Dai Durbridge
Take away top tips on implementing a high-quality policy to provide a cornerstone of strong safeguarding.
2B DSL Wellbeing
Cleo Lawrence
Equip yourself with tools to ensure your own wellbeing is looked after as a safeguarding professional and take away strategies to protect your team.
2C Acting on student voice
Jason Tait
After data capture, have a clear plan to act on your findings, ensuring that your school community has clear evidence of the process.
Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
Workshop choices
3A Parental engagement strategy
Cleo Lawrence
Train staff in maintaining positive engagement strategies with parents and carers, encouraging participation with safeguarding concerns.
3B Evidence and report harmful sexual behaviour
Laura Nott
Understand the protective behaviours process to empower students to report harmful sexual behaviour in schools.
3C Improve your team structure
Explore how supervision and joint working can improve workload, wellbeing and efficiencies in a growing team.
Reflections and next steps
Dai Durbridge

Conference speakers

Dai Durbridge is speaking at Optimus Education conferences.
Browne Jacobson
Jahnine Davis
Listen Up, National Child Safeguarding Practice Review
Nicola Law is the Director of Safeguarding at Liberty Academy Trust, speaking at Optimus Education conferences
Liberty Academy Trust
Director of Safeguarding
Cleo Lawrence is speaking at Optimus Education's conferences
SC Safeguarding
Safeguarding Consultant and Director of Safeguarding
Lirette Mill is speaking at Optimus Education conferences.
HR Connect
Head of HR Advisory
Laura Nott is speaking at Optimus Education's conferences.
Lucy Faithfull Foundation
Schools Project Manager
Jason Tait is speaking at Optimus Education's conferences.
The Student Voice
Oliver Welsby is speaking at Optimus Education's conferences.
Brightcore Consultancy
Mental Health and Safeguarding Consultant